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At your fingertips:

voice-guided directions, millions of businesses – and so much more – right on your cell phone.

Sprint Navigation: your local expert on the road

Sprint Navigation guides you to your destination, telling you where to turn in near real time, in a real human voice, taking you directly where you want to go.

As you drive, street names are announced in a clear voice and displayed on your phone well before you get to the turn. Customized routing helps you avoid tolls, HOV lanes or traffic delays (and five more pre-set routing options). And look at all the information you have right at your fingertips:

Nav Screenshot

Clear Directions

The current street, The next turn to take, The next street to turn onto, The distance remaining before next turn, The number of miles left on your trip.

  Automatic Reroute Screenshot

Automatic Reroute

If you miss a turn, Sprint Navigation quickly updates your route and redirects you to your destination.

2D and 3D Map Screenshot

2D and 3D Moving Maps

Accurate, easy-to-read maps move with you, showing current location and nearby streets.

  Route Preview Screenshot

Route Preview

Review your route before you go, with distances and estimated travel time.

The ultimate directory: over 10 million businesses

Need an address? A phone number? You get both with in the easy-to-use directory, plus the ability to call or get directions with a simple click. Search for a business within a city, zip code, near an address or airport, or within 50 miles of your location. Don’t worry about exact spelling – Sprint Navigation’s intelligent match supports ‘fuzzy search.’ And really refine your search with these capabilities.

Directory Listing Screenshot

Business Directory

The Business Directory makes it easy to find restaurants, banks, cafés, hotels and more. Search by category or name, or say what you’re looking for instead of typing*. Then get turn-by-turn directions, or call the business directly. Updates are automatic at no additional cost.

  Business Listings with Ratings Screenshot

Business Reviews and Ratings

Before heading out, view ratings and reviews for many businesses, like restaurants and hotels. Sort from highest to lowest.

Fuel Listings Screenshot

Gas by Price

Get the lowest fuel prices closest to you, updated automatically.

  List of Wi-Fi spots showing paid and free options

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Find Wi-Fi hotspots near you — with the name of the business — and whether it is free.

Traffic updates help you avoid slowdowns and jams

This is more than just traffic reporting. Sprint Navigation Traffic helps you get around slowdowns by rerouting you with one click. You can choose from several options to fit the way you drive.

Traffic Alert Screenshot

Traffic alerts with one-click rerouting

Sprint Navigation Traffic monitors traffic every five minutes, and alerts you with a voice and onscreen prompt when there’s a slowdown. One click can reroute you to minimize travel time.

  Detailed Traffic Screenshot

Detailed Traffic

Sprint Navigation Traffic provides detailed information on incidents and speeds along your route.

Traffic-Flow Maps Screenshot

Traffic-Flow Maps

View a high-level map with color-coded traffic conditions of your route, an address, city or point of interest (POI).

  Traffic Legend Screenshot

Top 50 Markets

The database reports traffic incidents for the top 50 U.S. markets, and traffic flow data for 35 key markets.

Plan and share your trip online before you go

When you log in to http://navigation.sprint.com before your trip, you can enter up to 10 addresses to be sent to Sprint Navigation on your mobile phone. Plan your trip beforehand, searching for points of interest or businesses, viewing ratings and reviews. Then, share your trip with friends and family via your cell phone!

Address being typed on Sprint Navigation Portal

Plan your trip online

Using the Sprint Navigation website, you can easily type an address and save it to your Sprint Navigation online account. It will be automatically downloaded to your cell phone.

  Share Address Screenshot

Share your trip plans with others

Get everyone to the same place on time with texted directions, or they can download Sprint Navigation’s free trial if they are a Sprint customer.

Customize Sprint Navigation to fit you

There’s so much you can do to make Sprint Navigation fit the way you drive – from how you enter destinations, to how you search, to whether you want to take the shortest or fastest route.

Search Screenshot

Search along the route

Find businesses along the way to your destination – like a coffee shop, gas station or hardware store – and kill three birds with one stone!

  Route Style Screenshot

Get there your way

Choose the fastest or shortest route, the highway or streets – whichever suits your mood or purpose -- and choose distance in miles or kilometers. You can even choose pedestrian mode if you prefer to travel by foot.


Valuable information on the road

With Sprint Navigation, you will never be at a loss for places to go and things to do. Having updated information about businesses, movies, weather and more makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Sponsored Result Deals Screenshot

Business Reviews

Sprint Navigation shows you ratings and reviews of businesses. You can even see deals and menus when available.

  Movie Info Screenshot

Movie Listings

Sprint Navigation lets you search for movies based on location and theater. You can even purchase tickets en route to help you avoid the lines.

Weather Forcast Sceenshot


Check weather conditions and the 7-day forecast with Sprint Navigation.*


Note: product features and product images differ according to your device and carrier

* Available with Sprint Navigation Premium.
  Check Supported Phones to see feature comparison and determine which versions of Sprint Navigation your phone supports.